Thirst For Freedom

George Raymond: Thirst For Freedom

  • 2023 -
  • Documentary -
  • 1h 15m

African-American civil rights advocate George Raymond Jr. was the leader of the Congress of Racial Equality in Mississippi during the 1960s. He was also a Freedom Rider and a member of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.

As a result of George's efforts to organize voter registration in Mississippi's rural communities, he was the focus of police brutality, which led to one of the country's most gruesome high-profile trials, afterwards known as the Mississippi Burning Trial.

This movie provides an inside look into George Raymond Jr.'s life and the sacrifice he made to alter the course of civil rights history. First-person witness statements from prominent civil rights figures, investigative journalists, George's family, and friends present a tale of horror, courage, and perseverance that help overturn the laws of Jim Crow.

MOVIE TRAILER : George Raymond: Thirst For Freedom
  • INITIAL RELEASE : July 21 2023, USA
  • DIRECTOR : Christopher Windfield
  • BUDGET : 15k
  • LANGUAGE : English
  • BASED ON : The Life of George Raymond Jr.
  • AWARD : Audience Choice Award JXN Film Festival
  • CAST : Jomo Raymond, Dave Dennis, Jerry Mitchell, Mike O Brien, Glen Cotton, Verna Polk Raymond, Don Hubbard, Betty Jefferson, Doratha Simmons, Bishop Samuel Blakes, Jerome Smith,
  • IMDb : 9/10