At Drawn Up Films, our team takes immense pride in our unwavering commitment to the art of filmmaking. We believe that every film is not just a project but a canvas to paint stories that resonate with hearts and minds. From script to screen, our dedicated and passionate crew pours their creativity and expertise into every frame, making each production a labor of love. We are united by a shared vision: to craft films that leave a lasting impact, evoke emotions, and spark conversations. Our journey is fueled by a deep sense of pride in the work we do, and we are excited to share our cinematic adventures with you. Welcome to our world of storytelling, where every film is a testament to our team's dedication and love for the craft.






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Our film team is a passionate and dedicated group of artists and professionals who bring a wealth of experience and creativity to every project. From visionary directors and skilled cinematographers to talented editors and sound engineers, we collaborate seamlessly to transform your ideas into captivating cinematic experiences

Chris Windfield
Film Director

As a passionate filmmaker, Chris brings boundless creativity and an unwavering commitment to storytelling to every project, transforming ideas into cinematic realities that leave lasting impressions.

Robert Hawthorne
Photographer | Camera Man | Graphic Designer

Robert Hawthorne's exceptional photography and design skills bring a unique artistic perspective to our film company, capturing moments in a way that elevates our visual storytelling to new heights.

5th Child
Music Composer

Stephen Brown's dedication to his craft and his commitment to each film's narrative has made him an invaluable collaborator, contributing significantly to the success of my award-winning projects.

Corey Redd
Co Producer

Corey Redd's role as a co-producer and collaborator brings invaluable expertise, creative insight, and a tireless work ethic that significantly enhances the quality and success of my projects.

Will Kelly
Writer | Co-Producer

Will's input not only helps shape a compelling narrative but also ensures that the production process runs smoothly, ultimately contributing to the film's success by combining artistic vision with practical execution.

Delreco Harris
Camera Man | Graphic Designer

Delreco Harris's role as an additional cameraman is invaluable due to his extensive knowledge of camera equipment, which ensures our production runs smoothly and allows us to capture visually stunning footage that enhances the overall quality of our film.