Its 2017. The political climate in Mississippi is very unstable. Stanley Wesley a local activist and community organizer is the founder and president of an organization called Respect Our Black Dollars. Respect Our Black Dollars was created to uplift the black community through economic ventures. While also promoting black owned businesses; they also protest businesses that mistreat African Americans within the community.

Stanley Wesley soon finds himself the victim of a vicious hate crime after returning home to find racial slurs spray-painted on his front door. Upon arriving to his home were the letters “KKK” are boldly sprayed upon his front door he learns that someone attempted to burn down his home but was unsuccessful in the process. This documentary follows Stanley Wesley as he organizes, promotes and fights opposition within modern day Jackson Mississippi.

Many events unfold throughout this documentary which created a need for this movement. Stanley’s actions resulted in a city ordinance that prevents local convenience stores from selling any drug paraphernalia or drug related products within the city of Jackson. Stanley Wesley has had one to many attempts on his life to stop the progress of this organization. This documentary tells those stories while also following the organization as they attempt to create financial empowerment and fight for the mistreatment of African Americans within the community. The result is a dynamic mix of dramatic real time confrontations, investigative journalism and controversy, adding up to an unforgettable story that will inspire audiences worldwide to action.